Event organisers are required to apply for an event permit to host events with more 200 participants or where there is amplified sound use or temporary structures to be erected.

The main consideration for any event being staged in the City of Cape Town is the safety of the participants and the public.

The permitting process is in place to ensure there are health, safety and crowd management measures safeguarding all those in attendance at events. 

Permit applications must be submitted at least three weeks (21 days) before an event for a small event of 200 – 2000 people. Longer time frames are applicable based on the size of the event.

To apply for a permit, download and complete the Application to Host an Event form here.

You will also need to provide:

  • indemnity form
  • detailed event programme
  • layout of event
  • transport management plan
  • emergency management plan
  • vendors and caterers
  • health requirements
  • service requirements
  • events communication plan
  • environmental protection plan
  • community participation plan
  • signed letters of consent from all involved parties

Submit your completed application to the City, either by emailing it to events.permit@capetown.gov.za or handing it in at the Events Office

* Please ensure that you have a confirmed booking of your venue prior to applying for your permit.

The City of Cape Town has plenty of excellent venues available for hire and with a range of different services, whether you’re hosting a private or community event.

Venues range in size, setting and atmosphere and include anything from libraries to recreation hubs to stadiums – as well as cultural venues like Grand Parade and famous buildings like City Hall.

To book a City-owned venue follow these steps

View venues here

The City of Cape Town understands the value of events not only in growing the economy and job creation, but also in building communities through social cohesion and raising awareness about social issues.

Through the Special Events Committee, the City provides support in the form of funding, municipal services and waiving costs for City facilities.

The City uses the following criteria when considering support for events:

  • Attraction of visitors to Cape Town for the event
  • National and international media interest for the event.
  • The event will create job opportunities for residents
  • Using City-owned facilities to the event
  • The event will provide opportunities for local
  • The event will create opportunities for local suppliers.
  • Responsible tourism and sustainable living practices will be applied during the event.
  • The event will apply event greening principles.
  • The event will create access for communities and assist with social integration.
  • A positive economic, social and environmental impact due to the hosting of the event.

Contact the Events Office at events.applications@capetown.gov.za for information.

* To ensure that your application is considered timeously, ensure that you send your application at least three months prior to your event

Gather all the correct supporting information before you begin the process and ensure you are able to complete the Event Support Application Form.

Event organisers are also required to provide the following information:

  • Event type
  • nature of support required – financial, non-financial or both
  • address of the proposed venue
  • number of participants
  • an event plan
  • how the event links to the City’s five IDP outcomes

When the form has been completed, event organsiers can submit their applications to events.applications@capetown.gov.za

Information on tickets can be found on the on the specific event pages under Explore Events.

 Find more information ticket prices by clicking on the event link.

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