The City of Cape Town provides a variety of venues for hire with a wide range of services. Whether you’re hosting a private or public event, we have a venue suited to your needs. Our venues range in size, setting and atmosphere, including recreation hubs, libraries, stadiums, halls, etc. If you want to book a venue for your next event, please follow the steps below. You can only apply for an event permit once you have secured a venue.

The main consideration for any event being staged in the City of Cape Town is the safety of the participants and the public. The permitting process is in place to ensure there are health, safety and crowd management measures safeguarding all those in attendance at events.

Step 1:
Find out as much as possible about the requirements for booking the venue, as well as how much it will cost to hire.
You can make the booking and handle the payment processes over the phone. Once the date has been confirmed, you will be sent an invoice for the amount payable for venue hire.

Step 2:
You will then have 30 days to make half of the payment upfront, as well as a refundable deposit to cover any damages.
You will need to send proof of payment to the booking office that helped you or the venue itself, and only then will the booking be confirmed.

Step 3:
Once you have hosted your event, you will have 30 days after that to make the remaining payment. Once the payment has been made, your deposit will be refunded.

The City’s Recreation and Parks Department has developed an online system to provide a more efficient and effective service to members of the public looking to book a City-owned community facility, which includes community halls, resorts and recreation centres. 

With over 200 venues to choose from, event organisers have a wide selection of options to suit their needs. 

The facility booking system is a one-stop, online solution in three simple steps: 

  • Visit
  •  Find your desired facility from the drop-down menu, then check availability or gather more information.
  •  Navigate to e-services to reserve your booking.

For feedback or assistance with any problems experienced with the system, please contact  



An event application will be required for an event consisting of more than 200 persons, where there is amplified sound or a temporary structure is used.

However, the Event Permit Office may determine whether the impact and risk attached to an event of fewer than 200 persons will require the submission of an application for an event.

In addition to processing permits for events, Event Permit officials will assist event organisers by interfacing with other City departments to facilitate the necessary event services such as traffic, health, safety and environmental services.

Each application is evaluated in accordance with the City’s strategic objectives and legal and operational requirements. Our staff ensure that events meet the regulatory requirements and facilitate the necessary services such as traffic, health, safety and environmental services.

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